Health and Longevity

A city in which people of all ages can enjoy happy and healthy lives

As Japan ages at an unprecedented pace, it is undertaking urban development through the activities of academic institutions and citizenry to accommodate its fast-aging society. Our vision is for everyone to be safe and healthy and live in familiar urban environments, with retirees leveraging their skills and knowledge to participate in society.

01 A City that Supports Residents' Health: Town Health Station

Town Health Station

We plan to undertake an array of health initiatives. They include preventive medicine facilities, health services as part of the Healthcare Innovation Project (HIP) through an academic-industrial alliance with The University of Tokyo, and regional health support from the City of Kashiwa. We will position this station as a benchmark in our city of health and longevity, offering easy access at any time to residents.

02 A City that Visualizes Residents’ Health

The Kashiwa-no-ha Smart Health Project visualizes the daily health of residents. The project links digital health devices such as wristband data recorders and communication function-enabled smart scales with a health data analysis system that displays users’ health statuses on their personal computers or smartphones. Users can obtain detailed health information around the clock, even on their sleep patterns, as well as basic data for factors such as exercise amounts, calorie consumption, and body fat mass.

03 A City Offering Health Promotion Programs

Happappa Exercise Time originated in the Kashiwa-no-ha Campus City by bringing together university professors and artists from various fields. The activities are based on the science of exercise physiology, and are designed to stimulate the body and mind. There are regular exercise classes and team competitions.

04 A City that Studies Health

We focus on preventive medicine and fostering of happy and healthy living for all residents. We engage in urban development that accommodates the super-aging society, with diverse supports from academic institutions and citizens.

Institute of Gerontology, The University of Tokyo

This research institution has already begun exploring solutions for the challenges of an aging society.

Community Partnership Preventive Medicine Project

The Center for Preventive Medical Science at Chiba University and local governments work together in this health promotion initiative.

Center for Preventive Medical Science at Chiba University

The center researches and disseminates practical information about preventive medicine to help enhance physical and mental health.

Chemiless Town Project

We created a model town that is experimenting on minimizing the use of chemical substances.

Kashiwa-no-ha has many health communities and initiatives

National Cancer Center Hospital East

An endeavor to create a town that delivers safety and support for cancer patients and their families


The Vitality wellness program offers various supports to members to become healthier. Members can enjoy a variety of benefits including the rewards by going through the simple steps of the program designed to promote healthy lifestyle.

Tsujinaka Hospital Kashiwa-no-ha

Aims to provide world-class treatment to foreign academics through its methodologies and equipment

Chemiless Town Project

A model town built using minimal chemical substances

Chiba University Plant Factory

One of Japan’s biggest plant factories, located within the Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences

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