New Industry Creation

Creating new industries that enhance living

It is essential to create new industries to develop and revitalize the Japanese economy. The area near the Tsukuba Express Line, along which Kashiwa-no-ha is located, has a concentration of diverse academic and research institutions and incubation facilities. We draw on the potential of this area to cultivate and support promising new industries from every possible perspective.

01 A City Bringing Together Sophisticated People and Information

Kashiwa-no-ha Open Innovation Lab (KOIL)

This office space caters to especially creative businesses seeking to cultivate ideas from interactions among diverse people and state-of-the-art information and to accelerate development. We leverage a network that includes start-up support experts and entrepreneurs in Japan and abroad to foster new businesses and research areas.

02 A City Giving Entrepreneurs Access to the World

TX Entrepreneur Partners (TEP)

TEP was established in 2009 as a leader in supporting start-ups through collaboration among universities, research institutes, government organizations, private businesses, and individual experts active along the Tsukuba Express railway line. TEP relocated to KOIL in April 2014 to offer entrepreneurs more proactive support.

03 A City that Attracts Research Resources from Around the Globe

University of Tokyo Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Station Satellite

This center helps cultivate new businesses and research domains by bringing together the massive research assets of the University of Tokyo in numerous subject areas and business enterprises. Examples of these subjects include the super-aging society, next-generation transportation, and energy creation. This center creates databases of social experiments and systematizes social collaboration techniques, while sharing the results domestically and internationally.

04 A City that is Conducive to Creating New Industries

Kashiwa-no-ha is home to numerous research facilities specializing in environment, energy, preventive medicine and health, and other fields. Business contests and support organizations endorse corporations and entrepreneurs engaging in future-oriented research.

Future Design Center (FDC)

A facility that showcases advanced solutions for various issues in Japan.

Asian Entrepreneurship Award (AEA)

An international business competition, bringing young Asian entrepreneurs together in Japan.

Tokatsu Techno Plaza

Helps small and medium-sized enterprises enhance their technological and R&D capabilities and launch new businesses.

Todai Kashiwa Venture Plaza

Helps create new businesses by leveraging the latest knowledge from Kashiwa-no-ha International Campus Town.

Kashiwa-no-ha has many communities and initiatives for creating new industries

TX Entrepreneur Partners

Supports entrepreneurs and venture businesses active along the Tsukuba Express Line

UDCK Machizukuri School

Conducts urban development courses for citizens

Mobility Sharing Demonstration Experiment

Comprises sharing transportation modes such as electric motorbikes, smart cars, and electric cars

Pinocchio Project

Children's art event focusing on work experience

Kashiwa Smart Cycle

Unmanned bicycle ports that help people to lower carbon dioxide emissions

Public Power Services

Power points installed around the town

Public Life Space (PLS)

Provides small, user-friendly public spaces using units at UDCK

School of Five Senses Workshop

Place for learning and exchanging ideas through various art projects

Digital Signage

Automatically processes and displays urban development information for each community in real time

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