A city of the future within 30 minutes from central Tokyo

Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Station is within 25 km radius from central Tokyo and can be reached in 30 minutes* on Tsukuba Express from Akihabara – very accessible.
It is also close to the Kashiwa Interchange on Joban Expressway. There is a smooth connection to Haneda via the Shuto Expressway and then getting toNarita Airport is guaranteed.
* When using commuter rapid service on Tsukuba Express Line (direct service)

01Using public transport

* When using the rapid service from the direction of Akihabara, please change to a local or commuter rapid service at Nagareyama Ōtakanomori Station.
* When coming from Kashiwa Station, take Tobu Urban Park Line to the Nagareyama Ōtakanomori Station and change to a local or commuter rapid service on Tsukuba Express.
* The estimated time taken does not include the time for connection. It also varies according to the time of the day.

03Access by car/motorcycle

It is about 2.5 km from the Kashiwa Interchange on the Joban Expressway. When the Ken-o Expressway opens, it will be connected directly to Narita Airport.